Our Volunteers

Alvis Lazarus

Supply Chain and E-Commerce consultant based out of Bangalore, India.

Hemalatha T

Supply Chain Consultant based out of Hyderabad, India

Shanthi Jemima Mariana

Doctor (Gynecologist) from Tuticorin District, India

Arul Selwyn

Retired officer (SPIC) from Tuticorin District, India

Shailendra Pratap

Softawre Engineer from Varansai U.P, India

Jeyaprakash Jeevaraj

Planning Engineer from Sattur, India

Vidhu Saxena


Karthick Udayakumar

Operations, customer service Manager at Sulekha.com from Chennai , India

Neha Sharma

Program Manager Operations, customer service from Pune, India

Baljeet Singh

Student at IIT Roorkee from Roorkee , India

Darshan K N

Associate manager – training & development from Bangalore , India

Saumya Srivastava

Talent Acquisition Specialist from Gurgaon, India

Aayush Rastogi

Student from Roorkee , India

Anuj Kumar Loomba

Product Manager- IoT from Delhi, India

Vikrant Kanwar

Post Graduate Student at IIT Roorkee from Roorkee, India

Rachit agarwal

Associate Director at Commonfloor from NGEF layout Bangalore, India

Vishnu Rajoriya

Student from Uttarakhand, India

Anant Sirohi

Student from Roorkee, India

Malvika Verma

Student from Roorkee, India

Ashish Khagta

Student at IIT Roorkee from Roorkee, India

Chandini Atmakur

Product Marketing Manager, Flipkart from Bangalore, India


Student from Roorkee, India

Ramya Menon

Intern in GPfoods from Bangalore, India

Parvez Rahat

Legal Consultant from Delhi, India

Ravi Shankar Duggirala

MBA Student at IIT Roorkee from Roorkee, India

Pavan Bodapati

CPO from Bangalore, India

Anirudh Jain

MBA Studenta At IIT Roorkee from Roorkee, India

Bhaskar Ballabh Saikia

Management Student at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee from Roorkee, India

Suresh Chandran V

MBA Student at DoMS, IIT Roorkee from Roorkee, India

Aditya Soni

MBA Student from Kharagpur, West Bengal, India

Ranjeet Kumar

MBA student at Vgsom IIT Kharagpur from Kharagpur West Bengal, India

Anil Kumar Singh

Director from Mumbai, India


Master Student from IIT BHU Varanasi, India

Suresh Ravipati

Team Lead – Maxheap technologies pvt ltd from Hyderabad, India