Family’s Sole bread winner down with Cancer Stage 4 – Hyderabad based Kids need support for Education !

Dear Friends,

I’m Alvis Lazarus and my details are at the end of this page. I’m here writing to you to discuss about a family from Hyderabad for whom things have changed so badly within few months and now the future is a Big Question.


| About the Family |

They are a small family from Mahabub Nagar, Andhra Pradesh and currently settled in Keshva nagar colony, Chamapet, Saidabad, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Father’s Name is M. Chandra Shekar Reddy (worked as a collection person at a Medical Distributors for an salary of Rs.10000 per month) and Mother’s Name is M. Rekha ( House Wife). They have two sons – Elder Son: M. Sharath Chandra Reddy studying Degree 1st Year, Siddaratha Degree College & Younger son : M. Sai Chandra Reddy (Inter First year, Narayana Junior College).

| Problem Faced |

Mr. Chandra Shekar Reddy is diagnosed for Stomach Cancer and currently he is in Stage 4. I don’t and wish to explain what stage 4 in cancer means.

| Current Situation |

With the family’s sole bread winner down, the family’s future is in big question. Currently Mrs. Shobha Bekkeri (Sister-in-Law of Mr. Chandra Shekar Reddy) is taking care of the family with best possible she can. With she not being so financially well to do, won’t be able to continue to do that. Adding to top of all the pain, Kids education is in question for this year starting June 2016.


Mrs. Shobha Bekkeri has reached My One Tenth NGO for support and from NGO following things are done:

1. From NGO, we visited Hyderabad and in person met Shobha and the family and talked all these in detail and gone through all the documents

2. My One Tenth NGO has got a copy of all medical documents, Family ID proofs, Kids ID cards and education details.

3. My One Tenth NGO has verified and validated the medical documents through 2 different independent doctors and found all stated above are true as per report.

4. My One Tenth has also verified the education details of the kids.


| Support Needed |

The family is seeking support just for the kids education which is the only future prospect for this family and also for both the Kid’s future. For a year, both kids need a total of INR 1,50,000 for their Education fees alone. With years of studies left, the family needs at-least INR 5,00,000 for both kids to complete graduation.

| How will the NGO donate this family? – Mode of Disbursement |

1. All donations received from Donors will be deposited in NGO account and will be paid only & directly to the respective educational institution and receipt will be uploaded in this blog itself. All donations details will also be added as a spread sheet.

2. Even INR 100/- is welcome and we ensure that reaches the kids for their education. Please help this family and for even 1/-, receipt will be issued from My One Tenth.

** Potential donors who want to talk to the family can reach me at my coordinates below and we can share all the relevant contact information and all relevant proof of ID **


If you want to donate, please leave a note at or call me directly at +91 9945 955 911. Mr. Chadra Sekhar Reddy’s Medical repots are down in the blog as a link.


| From the NGO |

By walking the talk – On Behalf of NGO, a donation would be made from all the volunteers including me and also Mr. Alvis Lazarus will be mentoring these two kids till they get a job and any job related certifications provided by Alvis will be offered to these two kids at no cost to them.


Coordinates of Alvis Lazarus:

You can reach me at +91 9945 955 911


Key Documents:

Mr. Chandra Sekhar Reddy’s Medical Reports – Please click this Link MedicalDocs-MyOneTenth-NGO